FindSounds Palette

FindSounds Palette 2.40

It allows you to manage sound files with wav, aif, aiff, au, and snd extensions

FindSounds Palette is a tool that allows you to search the web, edit and manage WAVE (“wav” extension files), Macintosh AIFF (“aif” and “aiff” extension files), and Sun Java audio files (“au” and “snd” extension files). It is available in three editions; all the editions have the same features but they vary in the amount of audio files they can handle (1000, 10000 or more than 10000).

The main window allows you to organize your audio files into different categories. In the left frame of the main window, you can create the categories of your preference. The audio files included in each category are listed in the right frame. The audio files details are shown in columns. Each listed file has three buttons: the first button is for playing the sound, the second button allows you to open the audio editor, and the third button opens the search window. With the audio editor you can record audio from your computer's input sound card. It also allows you to show the audio spectrum with different colors, letting you copy or cut a portion of an audio file and add effects such as fade in/out, insert silence, adjust volume, change pitch, etc. The search window allows you to search for files inside MyPalette or browse the web for similar sounds. You can also open the Text Search window to manually select any of the suggested sounds from the list and also search for MyPalette’s sounds or browse the Web.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It has an audio editor that allows you record audio, edit, and add effects
  • It allows you to search the web for sounds


  • The trial version allows you to use the program only for 15 days
  • The price varies according the quantity of files that can be managed
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